X Widget

We're proud to make wallets that are loved by millions for their supreme security and friendly design. Now we've combined these capabilities into a powerful desktop wallet that lets you manage your holdings and navigate smart contracts from the comfort of your desktop.
X Widget's interface makes it easy to find the features you need to manage your Ledger hardware wallet and the crypto assets it secures.
X Widget's interface consists of three main elements:
  1. 1.
    Application controls
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Main viewer

1. Application controls

Application control
Network status
The current status of synchronization with the blockchain networks of the crypto assets you've added. Click on it to force synchronization.
Information center
Keep track of the latest X-Project news and service status.
Toggle discreet mode
Activate the discreet mode to hide your balances.
Get help from X Widget resources.
Lock your session.
Access X Widget's settings.

2. Menu

Use the menu to go to different main sections:
  • Portfolio: Summary of your accounts.
  • Accounts: Manage your accounts.
  • Discover: Browse our web3 apps.
  • Send: Send crypto assets at any time.
  • Receive: Receive crypto assets at any time.
  • Buy / Sell: Buy and sell crypto assets.
  • Swap: Swap crypto assets.
  • Lend: Lend assets on the X-Project Network and earn interest directly from your X account.

3. Main viewer

The main viewer is the place where you interact with the main sections of X Widget. In Portfolio, the main viewer displays the following sections:
  • Portfolio balance: a summary of your accounts, including the total balance, its countervalue, and the change over the selected period.
  • Asset allocation: a summary of your asset allocation, including the percentage allocated to each asset, the amount, and its countervalue.
  • Latest operations: a summary of your latest operations.