SDK's for Developers

The X-Project protocol is open source and provides toolkits to accelerate developer onboarding.
The Builders Toolkit provides a suite of SDKs to help developers build self-sovereign applications leveraging the X-Project network and accessing smart contracts on supported blockchains.
This includes the following core capabilities that are supported within web browsers, NodeJs servers and React Native mobile applications.
Client SDK
An open-source implementation of a X-Project network client enabling developers to build applications that access encrypted private storage, identity, messaging, and schemas capabilities
It’s an easy-to-use library that abstracts the complexities behind these capabilities, thereby allowing developers to build self-sovereign applications.
Status: Available on testnet.
A decentralized single sign on SDK that enables seamless QR code authentication via the X-Project Vault mobile application 9 .
It provides a smooth experience to onboard new users to the X-Project network, new decentralized applications, and the full range of supported blockchains.
Signed in users are provided with a private encrypted collection of databases for the application, secure messaging, and ability to perform blockchain transactions.
Status: Available on testnet.
Transact SDK
An open source library that extends the Client SDK to enable applications to easily request users to conduct on chain transactions. This SDK works closely with the X-Project Vault application to support stable coin payments that generate signed customer receipts. Status: Currently under R&D.
Trust SDK
An open source library that extends the Client SDK to enable applications to participate in the new trust economy. It also includes smart contract libraries for every supported blockchain to verify off-chain data generated by the X-Project Trust Framework. Applications can generate trusted off-chain data and submit it to smart contracts in a safe, verifiable manner.
API Connectors Framework
This framework provides a library of tools to help developers build API connectors that pull data from centralized systems, normalize the data into common schemas, and store it in the user’s personal data Vault.
During the launch phase of the X-Project network, developers can register their API connector and earn X-Project token rewards from the Community Grants Rewards pool, once their implementation has been verified by the X-Project core team.
Status: Currently under R&D.