X-Project Vault

The X-Project Vault 10 is a mobile application that acts as both a ‘Data Wallet’ and a ‘Crypto Wallet’ for end users. It provides private key management and a user-friendly interface for interacting with the X-Project network and supported blockchains.
Vault Capabilities
The Vault provides users with the following core capabilities:
  1. 1.
    Identity: Allows users to create new decentralized identities, blockchain wallets, manage their private keys and facilitate single sign-on across an ecosystem of decentralized apps 10 https://x-project.org/user-vault 24
  2. 2.
    Single Sign On: Simple, consensual authentication and authorization with decentralized applications developed on the X-Project network
  3. 3.
    User Data: Allows users to browse their decrypted data, consensually share their data, allow it to be queried without sharing or move their data to a different storage service
  4. 4.
    Inbox: A secure data inbox allows messages, requests and data to be received by end users and then actioned
  5. 5.
    Profiles: Users can create and manage both public and private profiles that can be shared with third parties
  6. 6.
    Tokens and Transactions: Users can interact with any supported blockchain by signing transactions, transferring assets, managing NFTs etc. Users can also earn X-Project token rewards by simply using the network. Status: Available on testnet via iOS App Store and Google Play Store.
Identity aggregation
The X-Project Vault abstracts away the complexity of managing your identity, data and tokens and lets you freely move across Web3 applications in a portable way. With the ability to connect multiple blockchain accounts under separate X-Project Accounts, users can build and maintain specific identity profiles based on the types of data they wish to disclose and the applications they wish to interact with - even across different blockchain networks.
The optionality to maintain different identity profiles enables users to create and control their reputation online, bringing their on-chain activities, interactions, and assets enriched with signed off-chain real world events through the X-Project Decentralized Data Bridge.
The selective disclosure of credentials from one or more of your X-Project Account profiles will enable users to privately interact with DeFi services for undercollateralized short-term loans based on off-chain credit history, or perhaps become a DAO contributor demonstrating your verified professional credentials or on-chain NFTs. Many new use cases emerge.
Your identity, profile and reputation will be in your hands.
Putting privacy first
The X-Project Vault is designed to put the user first. Privacy is a key feature of the X-Project Vault, ensuring protection of user data and enabling application developers greater optionality when building Web3 applications. Privacy can deliver greater compliance by allowing users to selectively disclose information to parties only when needed, and by developers not needing to store that information in the first place.
Encrypting your data when it’s not in use makes it harder for hackers to get access to the human readable data. If the encryption is done on the user’s device, the user has control over their keys and can verify that their data is being encrypted.
The X-Project open source libraries provide tooling for managing the user’s keys. X-Project simplifies the process for developers to implement good encryption practices. The X-Project Vault handles key management for users in the X-Project Network, and ensures keys are not reused across applications.
The X-Project Vault has a dedicated collection of databases per application. Once the user has shared a symmetric key with the application, it is able to access the user’s application data. The encryption, authorisation and authentication functionality are all handled by the X-Project libraries. This allows the user’s datastore to communicate directly with the application’s datastore for the user. The X-Project Vault enforces the data schema’s to ensure the integrity of the encrypted data.