We believe the most successful blockchain architectures are ones where people can choose to actively participate in the governance of the network as well as use its services. X-Project aims to design its token governance mechanisms to ensure our community can be full participants and not just users.
X-Project is more than a single protocol or project. We use a three-layer socio-technical framework to design our governance mechanisms to align the community needs, updates in technology and expansion into the future.
● Social - How do people get the best value out of X-Project to enhance their daily lives? What new use cases should the protocol serve? (people and process)
● Software - How does the X-Project protocol need to evolve to offer these benefits over time? (code and application)
● Infrastructure - How does infrastructure need to evolve to support application development? (systems and technology)
X-Project will be governed by the X-Project Foundation, with X-Project Labs supporting the development of the protocol as early contributors. The core team are early custodians of the protocol and plan to transition to a decentralized governance model as the protocol and community matures. There are well established models of this for DeFi projects, however we’re dealing with many new use cases dealing with personal user data, trust, verification and new technologies that require careful consideration and learning.
X-Project will work towards a model where the network is governed, maintained, and upgraded by its active community of participants.